Limited Slip Collars, Tag Collars,
Harnesses, Tag Clips, and Safety Lights!

Limited Slip Collar
(Blue Velvet trim shown)

Nice for any breed, including Sighthounds.

All widths are available
(3/4 Inch, 1 Inch, 1-1/2 Inch and 2 Inch).

Collars are lined with a faux fur lining for comfort.

NOTE:  When ordering this style collar it is best to send
measurements of the largest part of the dogs head, smallest
part of the neck (ie., behind and around ears) and mid-neck.
This will ensure a proper fit.

Base Prices: (prices will vary if trim is chosen from the Regal Line)
3/4 Inch = $30
1 Inch = $30
1-1/2 Inch = $35
2 Inch = $40

Additional views of the Limited Slip Collar:
(click on the thumbnails below)


ltdslip1.jpg (19573 bytes)

ltdslip2.jpg (15392 bytes)

Tag Collars


Jax, modeling his new attire.
(trim 12a, with a copper velvet lead and tag collar)

Red Velvet tag collar shown below without D ring.
We like these the best! Tags attach directly to the brass slide.

Navy Blue Velvet tag collar, shown with D ring

Why a tag collar?...

The velvet tag collar is commonly ordered without the D ring, as it is for tags only and should not be used for walking your dog on lead. I have been doing this type of tag collar for many years, it is designed with the comfort of your dog in mind. A velvet collar is soft everywhere you touch, and generally will not irritate dogs with sensitive necks.

A Martingale collar should NOT be left on while your dog is unattended, and no collar should be used when crating your dog. A tag collar is a safer option if you want to have ID on your dogs while at home.

When you purchase a beautifully trimmed collar for your dog, you are making a small investment. I liken the decorative collars to expensive cars, the TAG collar is your insurance! The tag collar should be worn around the house, not the walking collar. Your nicer collars should be stored with your leashes, and only worn for outings and special occasions. The two collars should be worn together, as a set, when the walking collar is needed. This will keep your more expensive collars nice for a much longer period!

The tag collar may be used for most any breed. It is intended to be used to hold your pups identification, and should not be used for walking. (we prefer the tag collar without the D ring)

All widths are available:
( 3/4 Inch, 1 Inch, 1-1/2 Inch and 2 Inch)

For added comfort we suggest the Velvet Trim.

NOTE:  When ordering this style collar it is best to
send measurements of the largest part of the dogs
head, smallest part of the neck (ie., behind and
around ears) and mid-neck.
This will ensure a proper fit.

Base Prices: 
3/4 Inch = $25
1 Inch = $25
1-1/2 Inch = $30
2 Inch = $35


My harness story started with my male greyhound. He was a terrific puller and a harness was recommended to deter his pulling. I searched high and low for a well fitting harness that would not cut in behind his legs and that would securely hold him with no worry of escape. I finally decided to design one of my own. Comfort and security were my first priorities. After much thought and consideration the Silk Road Collars harness was made available to the public in 1999. We have sold hundreds of harnesses over the years to very satisfied customers

The harnesses are adjustable at all points, and are softly lined with a light fur lining for maximum comfort. Velvet trim is suggested, it wears better and is much more comfortable for your pup. We use solid cast brass hardware that is sturdy yet light enough to maintain the level of comfort expected. Our harnesses are made to sit well back from the front legs (see Foxy below), so they do not cut in and cause discomfort, or you can adjust it closer to the legs if you prefer (see Easy below). Our customers LOVE our harnesses, and we do too!

Base Prices:  $60.00 for Velvets.
Plain webbing available for $30 in black, burgundy, royal blue, purple, and forest green. Plain web harnesses will not be lined.

"Easy" modeling Autumn Velvet on Black Webbing

Shown again in Autumn Velvet

"Foxy" in her teal velvet harness

Tag Clips

Solid bronze, not plated, our tag clips make it easy to move tags from one collar to another. No breaking of nails or frustration involved!

Tiny Clip - this is the most petite clip we could find that would still work with all of our collars. A little harder to fit onto the 2" wide collars, but still possible. It measures a mere 1-1/4" in length.