1. Choose the STYLE of collar you would like; this will determine your price.
  2. Choose an appropriate TRIM, following the suggested trim widths for the chosen style.
  3. Choose a WEBBING color.  If you would prefer that I choose the webbing for you please, include the color of the dog.
  4. MEASURE your dog, as follows, and enter this information on the Order Form:
    Largest part of the dogs head, smallest part of
    the neck (ie., behind and around ears) and mid-neck.

  5. Add a matching lead, if desired, by choosing a coordinating velvet trim or decorative trim.
  6. Add any other items in the "Special Ordering Space" on the order form.

    NOTE: The prices set forth beside the various Collar Styles may not be the final (total) cost of the collar.  The final (total) cost of the Collar will be determined by the Trim  you choose - as Trims vary in prices. 
    (ie., Standard Trim prices vary from the Special Velvet Trims or the Regal Line Trims prices).